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At 11:32am on October 24, 2015, FRANK KWABENA said…

Good Day,
How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on:(mr.frankkwabena30@gmail.com ) for the full details.
Have a nice day
Thanks God bless.


At 11:54am on May 25, 2014, Aleksandar Dimitrovski said…

Thank you! I hope i can contribute in your society!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

At 4:07pm on October 7, 2012, Rafael Fabre said…

Dear Mr. Cashen,

Thank you so much for your efforts in promoting the recognition Mr. Tesla truly merits!  If there is anything those in the Steampunk community can be of assistance, please feel free to let us know!

At 5:30pm on September 1, 2012, Emanuel Moura said…

Hello, Wil. Thanks for the welcome note. I hope I´ll be able to help the community.

At 11:07am on August 29, 2012, Fran Lorenzo said…
At 11:03am on August 29, 2012, Fran Lorenzo said…

The world peace invitation and release of technology


Following the meeting of the Keshe Foundation with the world ambassadors invited to Brussels on 21 April 2012, now our invitation goes to the nations of the world through their ambassadors and their leaders to attend a gathering on 6 September 2012 at the Keshe Foundation Center in Ninove, Belgium (or in any other place the nations may choose).

As your Excellencies have been aware, we invited representatives of every country to the first presentation of our technology on 21 April 2012. The ambassadors of some nations attended this meeting and others chose to ignore the call, due to pressure from other nations, and decided not to attend or withdrew at the last moment.

With this second invitation we directly and unequivocally invite the leaders of your nation to appoint qualified individuals who can take part in the upcoming meeting at the Foundation on 6 September on behalf of their governments.

The reasons for this invitation and the meeting are as follows:

On 21 September 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs) systems it has developed, to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication.

From that point on, international borders will cease to have any real significance. This is because, once the first flight system has been built and put into operation for the public, the time of travel for example from Tehran to New York will be about 10 minutes maximum.

The new airborne systems will enable every individual to make the same length of journey in the same time and at hardly any cost from any point on this planet. The craft will not be detectable with present radar technology.

The energy crisis will be resolved at a stroke, and once the technology is put into practice the powers that control energy supplies and through them the present financial structures will find their hands empty.

The world water shortage will be addressed and resolved by presenting this technology to the public soon after the release of our energy and space technology.

How we have done this?
For the past six years we have used the international patent system to make sure that every nation and major scientists around the world have a copy of our patents in their possession. (Please check the European patent and international servers downloads for number of downloads.)

Thus we have prevented any possible blocking of this technology by any individual or group and now most nations are in possession of our patents for energy generation, medical systems and space travel.

In this way the methods used in the past to prevent international development have been circumvented and now all nations have the same opportunity to work together to see that this technology is developed safely.

The principal point is that our technology is intended to be freely available to every government for the benefit of all its citizens. Through the systems we have developed every nation can have access to as much energy, water and food as they need, as well as to new methods of health care and of transport, all at very little cost.

According to its charter the Keshe Foundation and all its technologies are owned by the peoples of the world. The patents are the assets of every individual on this planet and cannot be claimed by any one person or organization or nation. This means that all income generated by the technology belongs to the nation that makes use of it.

We will release the list of countries invited to the meeting on 6 September 2012 and the full e-mail addresses of those who receive invitations, so it

At 10:27am on August 29, 2012, Fran Lorenzo said…
At 7:31am on August 29, 2012, Mary Ann Domanska said…

Hi Wil,

Thanks for the shout out!  I'm so glad we connected and hope to stay in touch during this exciting time in history.  Did you know Tesla made the New York Times yesterday? http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/28/science/to-keep-teslas-flame-bright-fans-return-to-his-workshop.html

At 6:48pm on August 25, 2012, David Livingston said…


Thanks for the welcome.  I'm an EE Prof and have been inspired by Tesla for a long time.

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