• There are at least two films describing Tesla's life. In the first, filmed in 1977, arranged for TV, Tesla was portrayed by Rade Šerbedžija. In 1980, Orson Welles produced a Yugoslav film named Tajna Nikole Tesle (The Secret of Nikola Tesla), in which Welles himself played the part of Tesla's patron, J.P. Morgan. The film was directed by Krsto Papić, and Nikola Tesla was portrayed by Petar Božović.
  • "Tesla: Master of Lightning". 1999. ISBN (Book) ISBN (PBS Video)
  • David Bowie portrayed Tesla in the 2006 film The Prestige. Tesla's time in Colorado Springs was the focus of several scenes in the film, which featured speculations on the explosive power of Tesla's electrical experiments.
  • Tesla: Master of Lightning, produced by Robert Uth for New Voyage Communications in 2003, tapped Stacy Keach to supply the voice of Tesla.
  • The movie "Tesla: Beyond Imagination", about the life of Nikola Tesla and his marvelous discoveries for this world, as well as following the events leading to the infamous Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. Will be released in 2013, by Ivan Pavletic, and Thomas Lee Howell

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