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Nikola Tesla — From Colorado Springs to Long Island
Research Notes: Colorado Springs 1899-1900, New York 1900-1901
Commentary by Aleksandar Marinčić

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Thank you for visiting the 21st Century Books website, an online Tesla information resource.  Use the Site Map 'table of contents' page for ease of navigation.  For your reading enjoyment go to theSelected Tesla Writings sectionincluding the complete texts of Tesla's autobiography MY INVENTIONS and also "THE PROBLEM OF INCREASING HUMAN ENERGY, first appearing in the June 1900 Century Magazine.  Written shortly after his return from Colorado, this second piece describes Tesla's vision of mankind's technological future.  The Newsletter section contains articles about Tesla and his work drawn from the TFCB FEEDLINE newsletter, including A Brief History of Precision Guided Weapons. You might like the Tesla Q&A that contains many interesting facts about this creative individual.  A section called Nikola Tesla Correspondence uses letters and other documents from the Library of Congress Manuscript Division Microfilms of Nikola Tesla Correspondence to reveal hidden biographical insights.  The Glossary is a guide to some technical terms you'll encounter while learning about Tesla's engineering legacy.

21st Century Books is also an online mail-order bookstore specializing in titles related to this visionary inventor.  Browse through the Complete Book List page where you'll find all of our Tesla-related titles organized in a single place.  Some recent additions to our catalog are Scalar WavesScalar Wave Technology and the DVD video presentationPower Engineering Scalar Field Theory : Faraday vs. Maxwell and a longitudinal wave demonstration, all by Konstantin Meyl.  Another recently added title is The Ultimate Tesla Coil Design and Construction Guide by Mitch Tilbury.  And, read the Preface, Introduction, Section IV. "Apparatus for Transformation by Condenser Discharges; Damped Waves" and the "Wardenclyffe Foreclosure Proceedings" transcript from Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony and Transmission of Power.

In order to improve the accuracy of this site and to keep it up to date I request you write with your comments.  If you discover something that's obviously wrong, meaningless, poorly presented, totally lacking in science or for some other reason adding noise to the overall presentation of Tesla's work, please let me know.


New Transportantion?

New Flying Car

Tesla vertical take-off plane 1928.

Tesla's electrokinetic and electrogravitic machine Air Ship Designs 1911

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Nikola Tesla

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