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The writers and producers of the film have created many Tesla projects over the years but are now focused on “Electricity” the Life Story of Nikola Tesla. This very important, made for television docudrama reviles Nikola Tesla’s life and relationships as no film or written work has done before.

Wilhelm Cashen engineer and entrepreneur with a long career in electromagnet controls and systems. Wil, following in his mentors steps; Nikola Tesla has created software controlled robotic assembly facilities throughout the world for many of the major automotive manufacturers. Motion controls and systems design has been Wil’s past career- now his efforts are focused on taking his knowledge and applying that to film. For more than thirty years Wil’s work has followed the visions of Dr. Tesla. A person Wil has admired but has never met as Dr. Tesla passed away 9 years before Wil was born. Wil is schooled in most things Tesla and interprets his inventions and vision for the film.

Carol’s strengths and background are based on personal relationships and understanding of human interaction. Owning and operating a per-school leaning and educational center for more than 8 years, has groomed her for the laborious task of finding Nikola Tesla. Carol has spent years exploring in great length; who he was as a man, as person, and as an intellect and visionary.

Telling the life story of an inventor begs to be a documentary. Carol climbed deep into Dr. Tesla’s life researching hundreds of documents and reading all of the books, articles and information ever published about Nikola Tesla and his life. Unlike the honored authors who have written works on Nikola Tesla, Carol discovered through personal investigation Nikola Tesla the man, the humanitarian and the lover. Electricity will deliver a revealing human journey of Nikola Tesla’s life, a side of Dr. Tesla that film producers nor authors have ever discovered.

New Transportantion?

New Flying Car

Tesla vertical take-off plane 1928.

Tesla's electrokinetic and electrogravitic machine Air Ship Designs 1911

Have You Ever Heard of Nikola Tesla ?

Nikola Tesla

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