Electricity: The Life Story of Nikola Tesla

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Tesla Productions, LLC. is creating this mini-series as the cornerstone of a transmedia empire, focused on Dr. Nikola Tesla, his life and his achievements.

We are creating a 3 hour made for television docudrama that will crack history wide open to expose Dr. Nikola Tesla an inventor, scientist, scholar and visionary who from changed our lives forever. Dr. Tesla’s legacy is defined and ever present through his many inventions and patents, such as the (A/C) alternating current electric power generator, used to this day to deliver on demand electricity to our homes and businesses, robotics, remote control, radio, neon light, wireless communication, wireless energy, X-ray and many more important inventions that shape our lives daily and our future.


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New Flying Car

Tesla vertical take-off plane 1928.

Tesla's electrokinetic and electrogravitic machine Air Ship Designs 1911

Have You Ever Heard of Nikola Tesla ?

Nikola Tesla

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