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The official group site for the upcoming TV project, The ZeitNauts, where volunteers will experience events at sites known for time slips, reality shifts and dimensional overlays that will be subjected to technology that Nikola Tesla intimated may be able to warp space and time.

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The ZeitNauts: A Time Travel Reality Movie 

The Concept: 

I, being the world's expert on the science of time travel, and author of the authoritative book, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel (see ), will lead a cross country quest to test locations known for time slips, reality shifts and related phenomena. There, we'll see if they can be induced by technology described cryptically by the electrical genius of the last century - Nikola Telsa. At each location I'll be joined by local crews with equipment normally used for ghost hunting because of the related nature of the electromagnetic field phenomena involved. Together, they will monitor and film when the Tesla technology unleashes its intelligent, photonic field, with a select group of volunteers inside - willing to be the first ZeitNauts ('Zeit' is German for 'time'). 

This is the OFFICIAL site where updates, new releases, discussions about this project will be posted, as we move closer to edge of reality and the known world of physics, with the Q.U.E.B. platform, the machine I've designed based on little known information about Tesla's ideas. The point is to explore the unexplored and test the unknown, to find out what happens we attempt to induce reactions from what physicist, John Archibald Wheeler called - the Participatory Universe.

Join us for the adventure to come!

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